Wesley Barrett is the Operations Director/ Marketing Manager of Digital Net Productions, Inc. Wesley was originally hired as a marketing assistant in 2010, where he performed day to day operations and learned the basic fundamentals of affiliate marketing. In 2011 Wesley was promoted to Marketing Manager and excelled in networking and began attending business conventions. In 2012 Wesley became the Director of Operations and is now helping the company expand through networking, media buying and working directly with new partners.

Wesley has found success in the affiliate marketing industry through; honesty, professionalism, maintaining good rapport with clients and loyalty. Through networking Wesley has gained professional, long lasting relationships with business partners. Wesley is committed to creating and maintaining mutually beneficial ventures with clients.

Wesley is continuing his education and expanding his knowledge in online affiliate marketing. You may contact Wesley about affiliate marketing or advertising offers.

Contact Info:

email: wes_barrett@live.com
phone: 971-209-9779

You can also contact through facebook: