Ozric Izaguirre

Ozric Izaguirre is the Marketing Director/Marketing Manager for Digital Net Productions, Inc. Ozric was brought on board as a marketing assistant to increase organic and non organic traffic for the company. In 2011 he was promoted to marketing manager and later marketing director for his determination and commitment to pushing to expand the company.

Looking back, in 2008 after his studies at the Oregon Institute of Technology, Ozric focused his skills and entrepreneur mindset on music. It was at that time he got his first taste for marketing. While writing and performing music for his bands, he took the initiative to also start promoting them. He began to gain experience by promoting the bands and organizing multi-state tours. Not only did he learn how to market on a local and national level, but also learned the networking skills required gain exposure and build something from nothing.

Needing to focus on a career path, Ozric took a break from touring and started seeking out an occupation that would allow him to utilize his creativity and experience. After several unsatisfying job opportunities, he joined Digital Net Productions, Inc. and never looked back.

Ozric currently enjoys pushing new ideas and implementing fresh marketing strategies for the company. Whether it is generating quality traffic at the office, meeting a client, or networking at a business convention, Ozric has a passion for what he does. If you would like to discuss an idea or business opportunity you may contact Ozric at ozric@teamdnp.com.